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8:26pm 12-10-2021
Hello! I'm in Indiana and related to Captain Parker (7XGGF) through his son Eleazer. I hope someday I'll be able to build a website as nice as yours!

I'm on Ancestry, Geni, FamilySearch, have done DNA, etc., but have only gotten serious about it during the last year and a half or so. I have not spent as much time on my maternal side yet, but it sounds very interesting. I'm currently limiting my research to original immigrants, so this is a great stopping point and resource for me. Thank you for all of your hard work.

You → Carmetta Belle 'Midge' (Durham) Moore, your mother → Oren Frank Durham, her father → Martha Jane (Davis) Durham, his mother → Amos O. Davis, her father → Jonathan Davis, II, his father → Rebeckah (Parker) Davis, his mother → Lt. Zachariah Parker, Sr., her father → Eleazer Parker, I, his father → Capt. James Parker

(WikiTree found a paternal link also since I don't have much of my maternal side on there, but it's a little more convoluted.)
6:40am 11-22-2021
Mary Lowery Leach
I have interest in the parker line. My ancestor starts with Drury Parker married Elizabeth Barham and their son Richard and his dau Anna Parker.
8:25am 11-20-2021
Wonderful job. Thank you so much for this gift to all of us. My (adult) kids are already planning their future travels...
1:54pm 02-12-2021
Hello JoAnn!

I would be happy to share any information I have with you, just email me at hoosierdaddygenealogy@yahoo.com.

7:33am 01-24-2021
JoAnn Cundiff
Very interesting! I did not know any of this until yesterday! I am also a Great-Great Granddaughter of Arza and Harriet Parker from Amon's line. I would be interested in learning more about the family, pictures if you have any and how you are related.
6:34pm 10-01-2020
I am glad that you enjoyed the Parker Family story. I put my resources at the bottom of the Parker webpage. If you scroll down to the very bottom, you will find all the information. I was able to purchase some books on Amazon or eBay, I found other sources through digital libraries and through research and public libraries.
6:26pm 10-01-2020
I do not know which cemetery Arza was buried. I was going to take a trip to that area this year to try to find more information on the family. Well, Covid19 happened and I will have to wait another year. I will continue with my research this winter and hopefully I will find out more information.
6:43am 09-11-2020
Dizzy Parker
Hello! I’ve dabbled in researching the Parker family as well and am FASCINATED with how we ended up here and where the family has branched to. I’m a descendant of James through Abraham and ended up in North Carolina. How did you find the real historical events that were happening at the time? I’m also extremely curious about the Perrys if you ever do it. My mother is from the Perry line (one of them anyway).
8:41pm 07-26-2020
Iris Hemmingson
Checking out Arza Parker for Kate Beacom. I see you have Arza buried in unmarked grave near his farm. I see 7 cemeteries within a few miles of his farm. It states unmarked grave (our society has documented only marked graves) in a German church cemetery, which makes it down to about 3 cemeteries, Catholic, Lutheran, and one other. Do you know which cemetery?
Iris Hemmingson, Chair, NW Iowa Genealogical Society
1:24pm 05-19-2019
Hello Tom!
I am so excited that you are going to Groton, that is on my bucket list. I love the story of the Parker Family! They are so interesting. I worked so hard on that tree and I had to put it aside for a couple of reasons:
1. Life happens and I had to shift my focus elsewhere for a few years.
2. I discovered that I might not be related to the Parkers. I found information that I come from a line where Arza Parker was a stepfather to my descendents. My descendents just kept the last name for convenience.

I desperately need to update my webpage. I love hearing from all the wonderful people, including you, who has stumbled upon my site. Please share your pictures of Groton, I would love to see them.
2:22pm 05-18-2019
Tom Sullivan
In my immediate previous post I stated James III parents as John and Mary... I meant James (jr) and Mary Parker... not John.

Thank you
2:19pm 05-18-2019
Tom Sullivan

Thank you for your wonderful and detailed summary of the Parkers.

I am a descendant of James Parker III who evidently avoided being kidnapped or killed in 1694 when both his parents John and Mary were killed and his siblings kidnapped. As James and Mary are first cousins I am also a descendant of James Sr Brother Abraham of Chelmsford.

I will be visiting Groton for the first time this June so if I can be of assistance please ask.
9:32pm 01-13-2019
Anna Joshua
Hey cousin!
I am a descendant of Capt. James Parker, I found out recently. I was adopted out of the family at birth because I am biracial, and found my biological mother in 1992 and had my DNA traced in 2017. My biological grandmother was Florance Rachel Parker, daughter of Clarence Parker, son of Asa Parker and so on...
I love researching my roots! Very fascinating information. Thank you for your amazing and enthralling information.
I'm very interested in what you have on Samuel Parker to share with my 6th cousin in Germany!
Thanks again!
Anna in Louisiana
12:15pm 12-06-2018
lol my friend's name is on here
4:35am 08-20-2018
Meg Ferris
Hi Cindy, i love your website. So much info put in historical context. It makes their struggles seem all the more real. Do you have any information as to James’parents? On the Ancestory website, I can find the christening records of all his siblings in Great Burstead, and their parents were John and Anne Parker. I can’t find James’. There was a James christened in 1621, but his parents were James and Joanne. Do you have any info on that? Thank you. I am descended through Samuel Parker and Abigail Lakin. Hope to hear from you!
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