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4:35am 08-20-2018
Meg Ferris
Hi Cindy, i love your website. So much info put in historical context. It makes their struggles seem all the more real. Do you have any information as to James’parents? On the Ancestory website, I can find the christening records of all his siblings in Great Burstead, and their parents were John and Anne Parker. I can’t find James’. There was a James christened in 1621, but his parents were James and Joanne. Do you have any info on that? Thank you. I am descended through Samuel Parker and Abigail Lakin. Hope to hear from you!
2:10pm 04-15-2018
Samuel Bordner
I am the 10th great grand son of Capt James Parker, through his son Samuel Parker children.
My grandfather was James Elvin Parker. Passed away in 2003.
11:34am 10-05-2017
I have never tried to contact you. Be careful of imposters. This site is tied into a Yahoo email account and if you left an email in the past, then your information has been exposed. I have taken every precaution to keep information private but if companies like Yahoo cannot safeguard our information, then we all remain exposed.
Take care,
12:49pm 09-08-2017
Lorna De Young
Cindy, You tried to contact me through my workplace (Merchant Square Antiques) recently and am wondering what you needed?
4:20pm 08-19-2017
Thank you. After locating the valuable vital records and such, I realized the wonderful, and sometimes incredible, stories our ancestors have to tell. I continue my mission to bring their stories to life.

11:26am 08-16-2017
Lori Parker
Captain James Parker was my 7th great-grandfather, I have been researching him for years and recently stumbled across this website. I love how you put so much information into one place, and I feel like I'm reading a book instead of bits and pieces of info here and there.
I am planning a trip to visit the cemetery and home of Capt. James this coming October. Thank you for sharing!
11:35am 04-12-2017
I am very happy that you found helpful information on my website. Let me know if I could be of further assistance.
8:29am 03-22-2017
Donna Laombe
My grandson in Boston found your project on my husband great+grandfather. I found him first on familysearch.org. Called my grandson and did more research. He plans on going to the cemetery when the weather is nicer. Thank you sharing it.
10:21am 01-21-2017
Thank you for your interest in the site. I am working on developing an update to the website. I will add more content: stories, charts, and maps. So please come back and visit soon.

11:19am 01-07-2017
Garnett B. Grevelle
Very interesting. I, too, am excited to find your website. Do you know about the Parker Cousins on Facebook? I descend from Capt. James Parker this way:
James PARKER (1617 - 1700)
8th great-grandfather
James PARKER (1652 - 1694)
Samuel PARKER (1682 - 1775)
James PARKER (1708 - 1781)
Elijah PARKER (1730 - 1800)
Stiles PARKER (1765 - 1847)
Lewis PARKER (1798 - 1863)
Marshall Emory PARKER (1841 - 1923)
Mary Evelyn PARKER (1875 - 1955)
Henry Wyatt BROWN Jr. (1900 - 1951)
You are the daughter of Henry Wyatt BROWN Jr.
Thanks for doing all this.
Garnett Brown Grevelle
7:14pm 09-23-2015
Karen Parker-Galvin
Hi, Great job with your web site. I descend from Capt. James via his son Samuel Parker who m. Abigail Lakin.
Question. Trying to confirm the death date for Capt. James' wife Elizabeth Long-Parker. I see you have Aug 10, 1691. could you please share your source for this information. Any help appreciated.
1:27pm 08-11-2014
I am excited that you found this website. I have a lot of information on Joseph Parker that I am willing to share. I hope you enjoy sifting through everything. Let me know if you find any new information.
3:10pm 08-01-2014
Todd Parker
Hi, my husband is Todd Parker, and is the 3 great grandson to Joseph Cooper-Parker. This is so exciting...thank you for this page. We are in Lubbock TX, and have recently been doing this research too!! So excited and I hope we hear from you soon!!
2:03pm 05-13-2014
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12:10pm 11-27-2013
Robert Parker
Thank you for the information. I\'m descended from James Parker too. My branch went from Massachusetts to Yarmouth, Maine, then on to Minnesota. My great grandfather moved my specific branch to Oregon where I was born.
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