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11:19am 01-07-2017
Garnett B. Grevelle
Very interesting. I, too, am excited to find your website. Do you know about the Parker Cousins on Facebook? I descend from Capt. James Parker this way:
James PARKER (1617 - 1700)
8th great-grandfather
James PARKER (1652 - 1694)
Samuel PARKER (1682 - 1775)
James PARKER (1708 - 1781)
Elijah PARKER (1730 - 1800)
Stiles PARKER (1765 - 1847)
Lewis PARKER (1798 - 1863)
Marshall Emory PARKER (1841 - 1923)
Mary Evelyn PARKER (1875 - 1955)
Henry Wyatt BROWN Jr. (1900 - 1951)
You are the daughter of Henry Wyatt BROWN Jr.
Thanks for doing all this.
Garnett Brown Grevelle
7:14pm 09-23-2015
Karen Parker-Galvin
Hi, Great job with your web site. I descend from Capt. James via his son Samuel Parker who m. Abigail Lakin.
Question. Trying to confirm the death date for Capt. James' wife Elizabeth Long-Parker. I see you have Aug 10, 1691. could you please share your source for this information. Any help appreciated.
1:27pm 08-11-2014
I am excited that you found this website. I have a lot of information on Joseph Parker that I am willing to share. I hope you enjoy sifting through everything. Let me know if you find any new information.
3:10pm 08-01-2014
Todd Parker
Hi, my husband is Todd Parker, and is the 3 great grandson to Joseph Cooper-Parker. This is so exciting...thank you for this page. We are in Lubbock TX, and have recently been doing this research too!! So excited and I hope we hear from you soon!!
2:03pm 05-13-2014
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12:10pm 11-27-2013
Robert Parker
Thank you for the information. I\'m descended from James Parker too. My branch went from Massachusetts to Yarmouth, Maine, then on to Minnesota. My great grandfather moved my specific branch to Oregon where I was born.
9:06pm 10-07-2013
Jack Parker
Very nice site. I see we share Deacon Samuel Parker of Coventry, I descend from his son James. Of interest is that the next generation took off west NY, Ky, Ind, Ill. I have been trying to tie together the timelines of those migrants. I would be interested in comparing notes. Some of my research is at parkerfg10@dyndns.org/tng, the site still needs some work.
5:46pm 09-15-2013
Lowell Hennigs
Thanks for this information. I was browsing iowaoldpress articles for Plymouth county as I explore my own heritage (I am a native of Grant Township). I read the articles related to Arza Parker and was fascinated by the account. That lead me to your site and the additional information. Has anyone ever pursued this further in terms of historical research? I think it's a fascinating story. Thanks again!
8:11am 06-27-2013
Hi Paul,

I am happy you like the website. A great deal of credit goes to Jose Rios for taking my ideas and developing this beautiful site.

I appreciate the work you put into your website. Marktown is a diamond in the rough and the history behind its existence is compelling. My family lived on Reilly Road for a time and it was great to be a part of that great community.

I have a lot of fond memories of Ruth and William, a.k.a. Mamaw and Papaw. Remember the glider rocker they kept on their screened porch? I have been in contact with many people who have fond memories of Marktown and it seems that Ruth and William are always included in those memories.

I hope to contact you soon so we could share stories.
9:26am 06-26-2013
Paul Myers
WOW! That's my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Will!

Their address was 424 Prospect Street at the corner of Spruce Avenue. Uncle Will used to do Jacob's Ladder with string for all of the kids in the neighborhood.

Ruth's sister and her husband Claire & Ernie Williams lived on Park Street when I grew up. Ruth & Ernie's mother lived with Ruth and Will until her death in about 1936 (I can check the date).

One of Claire & Ernie's sons lived in Marktown. That was Chester Williams who married a concert violinest from Sylvania, Ohio. Their last home was at 405 Spring Street. They only had one daughter, Alice who was my mother. My parents, Robert and Alice Myers had two sons, Robert Ray and Paul Allen Myers.

LOVE YOUR web site. The Marktown Historic District site is mine.
5:42pm 05-11-2013
Hello KB,
I have a lot of info on Joseph. Please send your email address to me at hoosierdaddygenealogy@yahoo.com so I could send you the info privately. Please give me a few days to get back to you because I am currently in Las Vegas for the National Genealogist Convention.
11:04am 04-30-2013
Neat website! Can you tell us more about Arza Parker's son, Joseph Cooper Parker? Thats my family directly!
9:51am 11-13-2012
I was surfing today and checked what was new on your site. The picture of Karl touched my heart. Thank you for posting it and thank you for all the great work you are doing here. I have nothing but fond memories of him and although I didn't see him often I still miss him. Your brother will always love you.
2:53pm 08-30-2012
Hello David,
Yes, Ruth McIntyre raised my grandmother after her parents died at a young age. I lived in Marktown in the '60's as well. Do you remember Mrs. Burnett the first and second grade teacher? Please feel free to email me at hoosierdaddygenealogy@yahoo.com if you would like to share more stories.
8:55pm 08-28-2012
David Davids

I did a search on Markstown and your site appeared, some of the photo's that appeared look to be East Chicago (Markstown).....did you have family in Markstown? I knew a Mrs. McIntyre that lived @ 424 Prospect St. in the Markstown section of East Chicago, she had rubarb growing in her yard and allowed me to take some when every i wanted as long as i swept her walkway or pulled weeds back in the 60's. I actually remember her address because 30 years later i resided there.
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