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10:29am 04-30-2011
I am currently working on the main Parker branch. I am tying-up loose ends and I should have something ready soon. The Parkers are a huge family and hopefully I will be able to give you some information in the near future. I will be working on Arza's and Harriet's children soon. Joseph, the oldest, settled in Colorado and Minnesota, so you might be descendent from this line.
10:22am 04-30-2011
Thank you, Susan, for your comments. It is nice to know that all my hard work is appreciated.
11:55am 04-26-2011
Hi, I have Parker's in my family they lived in Arkansas do not know if there is a connection.
3:36pm 02-06-2011
Hi Elizabeth,

I will post any info I find on Samual Baker's father on this website. I am about ready to post more Parker information soon. I just need to tie up some loose ends. Please stay tuned...
8:55am 02-06-2011
Richard Childress
Great site lots of work in the researxh

11:15am 12-15-2010
elizabeth colegrove
hi cindy..trying to find samual baker's fathers name...sam was born in 1810...says md..but I think it might have been whitesville ( which was md. back then )...sam married Lavinia Jones...can't iind out samual's father's name..stuck...lots of Baker's out there....appreciate any info...
7:49pm 09-17-2010
This is GREAT!! Keep up the good work. I can't wait to read more. Did you ever find Mamaw's Family Bible?
Mom's name was Barbara Jean and she was 2nd born. Uncle Red was the middle child. That's all I know except the Clymer part - so glad that turned out to be something!
Let me know when you have time to start on the Stepina's - they haven't lived in the US nearly as long - haha.
Thanks for all your hard work on our geneology.
7:30am 08-25-2010
In my last post I said I was working on the Driskell family tree. Well, I kinda got distracted with the Parker family. It is my mom's fault. She recently gave me additional information that I was able to finally connect with previous information. The Parkers proved to be very compelling. I hope you enjoy their story when it unfolds as much as I have in the telling of it.
3:10pm 06-18-2010
Hi Everyone,
I am just letting you know that I am currently working on the Driskell Family. This is such a busy time for me which means that I am not able to spend as much time researching as I would like. I recieved new information on the family that I need to sort out and verify before I can continue. Thanks for your patience.
3:13pm 04-01-2010
Thank you, Dawn. I am currently waiting for some birth and death records to arrive any day now. The state and county gov't contacted me on missing information that I need to give them in order so they could process and send my docs. I was hoping to have some information for the Driskell's, but I need to be more patient. I am also waiting on docs for the Parker family.

I will not be able to work on anything until after Easter. I hope everyone has a good holiday.

7:14pm 03-31-2010
Dawn Stephens
I love all the hard work you've put into this, Cindy. I can't wait to read more. It's like a good book that you can't put down. I think you should quit your job and work on this full time. : )
4:17pm 03-22-2010
Elizabeth Parker
This is a very interesting site. I can't wait for more information on the Parkers.

Keep up the good work!
10:12am 03-14-2010
Hi Susan,

I don't think that we have any McIntyres on the east coast, we tended to in the midwest.

Thanks for visiting my site.
11:36pm 03-13-2010
Susan B.

Are you related to the McIntyres from Boston?
10:25pm 03-13-2010

Thanks for visiting my site and for viewing my guestbook. Feel free to post here any comments, ideas, or suggestions for the genealogy project.

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